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 retest request xXJKPTXx --[Results Up]

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Slifer Red


Slifer Red

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PostSubject: retest request xXJKPTXx --[Results Up]   Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:02 pm

any time ready for testing Smile im on eastern
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PostSubject: Re: retest request xXJKPTXx --[Results Up]   Mon Jun 17, 2013 3:18 pm

Seems I'll be your tester again. you know what's needed
Random list is: HERE

Good Luck


PDA Live Razz

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Age : 25

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PostSubject: Re: retest request xXJKPTXx --[Results Up]   Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:52 am

your results are up:

1- Match Duel Results :     22/75

**lost the match x-x-NA       0/25

** Deck Construction - Constellars: 12/25 

deck count - 5/5
deck performance -  2/5
Consistency And Synergy - 2/5
new ideas / creativity / originality -  1/5
advancement / Sophistication -  2/5

Pretty much basic, I'd recommend running Thrasher or Ghost Ship, pure constellars on their own have weaknesses, so adding a tech of that would help. You also need to make the build more creative.

** Performance  10/25 
I'm sorry, you're performance wasn't better than the last time.
Not to mention that you are running 2 of Pleiades while it's a limited card in testing, but it's ok at this point.

Duel 1 Turn 3: you used evacuation on my gearframe, that's pretty much wrong.
Duel 1 Turn 4: you summoned Somber while having only 1 constellar in grave, and you didn't for example had honest in hand as protection not a protecting trap, that was a huge misplay.
Duel 1 Turn 5:Solemn judgement on Gear Gigant X was not a good thing to do, it cost you over than 3500 LPs.

Duel 2 Turn 1: wasting 3 constellars including Somber  to XYZ Shock Master, not wise.
Duel 2 Turn 3: POD and adding a MST to hand while you already have a MST in hand and I had no backrow at all, you should have added Reinforcement Of The Army to start preparing your hand instead. 

As for side decking, none. you did no side deck at all.

as for your siding choices:
2 Thunder king and 1 Mind Crush.
the thunder king was ok, but the mind crush! I'm not sure about, true it could help 
but other things might have been more useful, maybe maxx or veiler.
tho as I said to Gatmon, the deck countered mine at so many levels.

2-Single Duel Result :   6/20

**Lost the single 0/5p

**Deck construction  5/10
A lot of unneeded cards, it was a bit of a mess, I liked the Stealth Bird tech was nice but still, you ran a lot of useless cards in the deck.

**Performance  1/5
Turn 15, you tribute summon Guardian Sphinx then use it's effect to flip itself, that was wrong.
after that you kept Sphinx in atk mood, and kept equipping it with boosters for some reason.
in turn 20, since I had swords of revealing light you shouldn't have equipped it with Axe, and you should have used it's effect to flip it face down.
Turn 29, using book of moon for no reason on my fortress.
In general, you did not do well.

3-Ruling Question 0/5
Answered Wrong.

4- Attitude 0/2

Full Score: 28/100 --->  Slifer Red Dorm
sorry, you're staying in the same dorm

Replays: HERE
Keep trying and practice more, you'll be a Ra sooner or later. Very Happy

Dorm assigned, Teacher DPs awarded & Topic locked


PDA Live Razz

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PostSubject: Re: retest request xXJKPTXx --[Results Up]   

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retest request xXJKPTXx --[Results Up]

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