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 Hunting Arena Main Rules

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PostSubject: Hunting Arena Main Rules   Thu Jun 06, 2013 3:21 pm

Hunting Arena

PDA’s newest arena is here , the fun unique way offered here is something special and fun.


The main idea of HA is to randomly duel a member of PDA.

There are few naming you need to know.

The Hunter
The Hunting Ground
The Kill Order
The Target

the name of your target will be given to you as by PDA’s bot JINZO with a roll you make in Hunting Ground thread, and this will be called a Kill Order on this person.
Furthermore , the opponent can’t reject the kill order on him except by paying100 DPs and you’ll take half of them, other than that he/she should duel (if the opponent is not online for more than 2 days after the kill order, the order will be expired)

The members who you’ll be dueling are players who signed up for this to be in the hunting field, so they should accept the duel.

The duel format should be a match duel , with the latest banlist, all game options should be as the standard.


To maintain the fun of this , there will be a few restricts

FTK Decks
Exodia , Stalling and Burn Decks
Pure Elemental Dragons Decks
Spellbook Of Judgment

Hunting Ground signing up

Please check HERE

Hunting Arena Target Searchers(Rolling)

Thereyou can get your killing order on a target , check it HERE

Posting An HA

The hunter should post his hunting arena by creating a thread in this section with the following format :

Topic Title :

HA - Winner(Name) Vs. Loser(Name)

Topic Message:

Opponent Name(Target):
Time of Duel: (eg. 11 :00 PM - a time zone should be added as well)
Results : won/lost , score.
Replays: must be uploaded and posted you can use : Mega
Other Notes:

**In case the target isn't active or want to duel , the hunter should post here with this format :

Topic Title :

HA - Winner(Name) Vs. Loser(Name)

Topic Message:

Opponent Name(Target):
Reason of not dueling : target inactive for 2 or more days / target refused to duel (the target should confirm) .. /Other reasons.


If the hunter won, he/she will gain 120 DPs and 2 Exp, the target will gain 30 DPs for participating.
If the hunter failed his mission, he’ll gain 10 DPs, the target will gain 100 DPs .
Forfilling 5 kill orders will gain you an extra 800 DPs .
Forfilling 10 kill orders you gain a free glowing name.
Forfilling 15 kill order you will gain a free custom rank.

Credit to XxOZxX he created the main idea.


PDA Live Razz

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Hunting Arena Main Rules

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