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 Suggestions of an Avid Nature Towards our Future

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Obelisk Blue


Obelisk Blue

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PostSubject: Suggestions of an Avid Nature Towards our Future   Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:53 pm

This thread is entirely dedicated to the title: Suggestions given for the betterment of the forum with keen interest in its future.

My love[DarkLove] has decided to dedicate a portion of his time to the forum's well-being and future, as i once did, but unfortunately, my sudden disinterest followed by life being hectic during the time, this forum was of the least priority in my life. I was going to throw these suggestions in beforehand, however, i got side-tracked and the disinterest did not help an ounce. I'll be doing this and hoping some if not all of the suggestions are followed.

1) THE most important thing about a forum: Neatness. Now the word is rather broad, once can ask: "What does neatness do with a forum?" Well, everything. Neatness basically sums up the entire visual presentation of the forum, from the established rules to the graphic pictures of the boards. This pertains to proper usage of capital letters, such as in official threads[Testing, Rules, etc], grammar & spelling mishaps, and of course, the occasional fail spacing commonly blamed by English not being the first language. The one thing that killed off reading stuff on here for me personally is the mishaps such as these. This can easily be fixed with someone who can properly use the English language that can go onto all official threads and correctly fix them up, and then have the staff members use this to make their future official threads neatness on-par with those modified. There are a few i can think of right off the bat with decent usage in formatting and English language that i recommend for this job: Myself, Jakester, and Xusha.

Sadly, it doesn't stop with just the little letter mistakes. Except maybe the "Menu" bar which is slightly inconsistent in its titling: "Download ygopro percy" ---> "Download YGOpro Percy". The next is that space, that one space that just make the entire forum look like a near-complete puzzle with a missing piece you just can't find, so you stare at it...and just rage then end up burning the puzzle altogether. Not saying i do this. "Battle Arena" This board is missing a picture, and i'm not sure if i'm the only one perceptive enough to see it, or just the only one that gets irked by the non-existence of a png picture to fit it together with the forum.

2) A unique-interactive way to engage into the forum that would make this forum known for that. I've seen Jakester try to modify the path its going by implementing a new testing system section, although if i had a say, that probably wouldn't exist for several reasons, and i applaud him for that. Cage also tried to do Dorm Wars, albeit RsS got credit for thinking of that first, it was Cage who wrote it down in a well-mannered, well-written way to introduce the idea to more than those who just arbitrarily see RsS discussing in chat. Not to mention, he actually did it. Although left due to multiple reasons which i find too hilarious to actually discuss in an important thread such as this. The idea is still going strong with the help and support of DarkLove[My Love : P] To get back to the point, it doesn't have that yet. It's a forum revived from its previous state of abandonment and has yet to implement something that's worthwhile, like games or whatnot.

2a) I've posted this before, but here. It's something that's not unique, but it's an engaging commonly famed section of any forum. The more use-the better. "I suggest we develop and incorporate a Fan Fictional section so that members can express / enact their individual Yugioh / Dueling stories, and where we can read to enjoy those stories and comment. I, for one, want to create a series, so although my MO is a tad bit selfish, i also enjoy reading others work when i'm just chilling and not wanting to have a visual duel[Like earlier today]."

2b) I know 9link was supposed to create a Roleplay system, and that's all fine and cool, but i still implore certain individuals out there that we take a dormitory approach with literal anime dueling aspects with a set rules and whatnot. This could potentially open up new sections around the forum, and even affect someone's dorm potential. An entire new shop could be opened to spend DP--things could really get interesting. If you guys are somewhat convince of this idea and DarkLove is entirely confident of its success, i'll gladly create and produce a system alongside of 9link, it might even be an interesting combination.

3) Community. My love wants to make the forum lively by adding members he finds to be good online and bring them here, now, out of ten of those people, perhaps 2 might stay for a week, and 1 might stay forever. [that 1 is included in the 2], this is just how advertising works, and it's pretty bad. If the forum's completely boring and dull[lol used the same words with different connotations], then that 1 will become a 0. Of course suggestion one and two must first be heeded properly to even employ this community suggestion. So i'll save it for next time when our member-base has grown outside the regulars we see today.

4) Advertisement. I was putting together an AMV on my spare time, i was about 30% done till i lost interest, not in the AMV but...ah you know. We should do a huge advertisement campaign, or at least try to do a massive pull-in[What Muff's currently trying to do on his lonesome] with all staff members. Bring in your friends. Bring in your opponents that you meet over and over again. That one guy you conversed with and thought was cool? Bring him here. You dueling, and there's someone in a tag who isn't a complete douche and act like a troll, bring him here. Of course an AMV would be great, cause this can be advertised in a variety of ways and can gain this forum some massive publicity. However, the alternative/combination isn't so bad. We, staff and members alike, need to try to help the forum and not blame the inactivity and disinterest we possess on the staff alone, albeit partial blame are on them...if you don't like it....LEAVE! Nuff said. Unless you're staying for a friend, then you get the point of sticking together with a community ; ) I like you.

5) Graphics Designers. I don't exactly know since my disappearance, did PK quit? Well, if so, we need to grab new graphic designers. I know some people are trying to create their own things, but we seriously need some GFX peeps to support the image and add to the consistency of quality on the forum and neatness.

I've finally put out a few suggestions--granted, it a little long-winded--but it is here. If everything's ignored, then that's fine, i'll delete this in about a week if it gets no response. If anything, PLEASE do the first suggestion. lol.
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GFX Team


GFX Team

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions of an Avid Nature Towards our Future   Wed Mar 27, 2013 6:46 am

Ek i my self was talking about that last night. to get it on the move. I am trying to get things moving fast as i can, i am still getting blocked on somethings but it's a work in progress.


The True Darkness is Fear, Feel the shadows.

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Suggestions of an Avid Nature Towards our Future

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