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 cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy

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Obelisk Blue


Obelisk Blue

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PostSubject: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:35 pm

Here's a deck type that most people probably haven't tried; a deck built on forcing players to pay costs for everything they do. This deck is not about conserving resources, it's about dropping everything to the board behind Chain Energy and letting your opponent agonize over what to do. This build is unique in the fact that it doesn't really have any set requirements as to which cards must be run in it, with the obvious exception of Chain Energy. I've been playing Chain Energy for quite a while, and though I've had both good and bad experiences with the deck, all of my duels with the deck have served to remind me how much I love this game. Here's a link to an example duel that I've played out with Chainergy, as I call it.

Now that we've gotten some nostalgia out of the way, let's talk about the future of Chainergy. With the shifts in the metagame and the increase in konami's focus on swarms, Chainergy has evolved beyond a mere stun and deflect deck. With swarm a constant threat, and removal increases, the deck has changed from putting massive walls on the board, to a more aggressive style, putting monsters on the board with more staying power, and the ability to not only remove standard monsters from the board, but plus off of cards already in play. With this, the monster Destiny Hero-Defender, has almost become obsolete, with most players running only 1 instead of the 3 that was standard before, to give the deck that OPTION to not only get in some extra damage under chain energy, but to lock and deck them out. As a monster with high defense, he can survive a turn with consistency, and give you that lv 4 your deck needs to go into an exceed and wreck the place. Below is a basic skeleton of common cards to chain energy nowadays:

Neo-Spacian Air Hummingbird
Injection Fairy Lily (only if you run 2-3 hummingbird, or Immortal of Thunder)
The Immortal of Thunder (couples with Mist Valley Falcon)
Mist Valley Falcon
Destiny Hero-Defender
Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
Morphing Jar
Morphing Jar #2
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Cyber Dragon
Wind-Up Rabbit
Evilswarm ThunderBird
Doomcaliber Knight

Ancient Forest
Swords of Revealing Light
Chain Energy
Swords of Concealing Light
Divine Wind of Mist Valley
Card Destruction

Call of the Haunted
Imperial Custom
Fiendish Chain
Vanity's Emptiness
Dark Bribe
Fake Trap
Chain Burst
Curse of Darkness
Goblin out of the Frying Pan
Compulsory Evacuation Device
Forced Back

Gagaga Cowboy

These are by no means a must-have, these are just common plays I see amongst the chain energy decks out there. The idea is to force the opponent to pay lp for everything they do. You knew Chain Energy was coming when you started the duel, so you make your plays accordingly. Drop that backrow and Hummingbird early, help yourself to a fast 2500 lp to buffer yourself so you can pay for Chain Energy before it actually hurts. Meanwhile, you force your opponent to go on the offensive, as a defensive play has become completely obsolete. They know, and you know, that if they try to defend, they're only giving you longer to gain life and field presence, so they will brick their cards fast in an attempt to run your birdy over. This deck holds a LOT of risk to it's user, but that risk can be mitigated by a player with practice and card sense. Anyways, my last act for this deck will be to post my current deck build I have for Chain Energy. All cards Shown are cards I own and use in my real life Chain Energy deck, so it's not really necessary to point out that I'm not using OCG cards that may or may not help the deck, but feel free to give any ideas you think may help the deck, or just your opinion on the deck in general.


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Obelisk Blue


Obelisk Blue

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PostSubject: Re: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:55 pm

I would like to say: That Youtube duel was hilarious. He completely noobed out when he had a chance to destroy Chain energy, too funny. Then, he tried to take control of your hummingbird but got "lolsolemn" which just made me die.

Chainergy is a good deck, and if stall/burn wasn't banned in most things, it would be a great deck. You could probably win RL Yugioh tournaments with it, though get hated on.
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Obelisk Blue


Obelisk Blue

Posts : 36

Age : 32

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PostSubject: Re: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:04 pm

can and have; the deck really only has bad matchups to inzektors and fire fists in this format, but I've mitigated the danger with timing.
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War Manager


War Manager

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PostSubject: Re: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:00 pm

i will make a troll deck based on this, Very Happy
nice info btw,


duelist yang sukses bukan berarti ia tidak pernah kalah, melainkan sering kalah, mungkin kalahnya lebih banyak dari jumlah kekalahan mu | see translation
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PostSubject: Re: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   Mon Mar 11, 2013 11:14 pm

Yeah yeah, cage and his massive decks and ideas!!!!

Cool thing bro, cheers


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PostSubject: Re: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:24 am

There's no Questioning about that deck creativity and originality ... it have great ideas in it

I'd use something like that to troll people a little , lol

Great thread cage , keep up the good work Wink


PDA Live Razz

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PostSubject: Re: cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy   

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cage's deck discussion, deck #1: Chain Energy

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